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Our Mission

The Organ Attics Foundation aims to keep alive the memories of the seven Jews – three couples and a baby – who, during World War II, found a safe haven in the Organ Attics of the Breeplein Church in Rotterdam, as well as of the families that helped and cared for them, at great danger to their own lives.

The Foundation wants to achieve this by establishing an centre for education and a professionally curated exhibition space in the Breeplein Church.

As a result, the foundation hopes, the heroic deeds and the courage shown long ago will now inspire young and old to conduct that safeguards democratic freedom in the Netherlands and beyond.

Executive Committee

Eric Matser, chairman/director
Gürkan Çelik, vice chairman
Jaap Brederveld, secretary
Kees Berkman, treasurer
Punnika Kharas, board member


The executive committee is professionally supported by the following volunteers:
Jan van Arkel, assistant guide
Karel Fibbe, architect, designer of the renovation of the Organ Attics
Henk den Haan, guide
Punnika Kharas, translator for the English version
Paul Letterie, assistant guide
Anja Matser, author, guide, gives talks about the Organ Attics
Liedia Van De Mortel, webmaster
Cornelis van der Pligt, host
Adri Roos, assistant guide
Christina Siever, translator German
Arie van der Spelt, assistant guide
Marijke Springeling, guide
Els van der Wal, editor/co-ordinator a.i.


The Organ Attics Foundation Rotterdam, hereinafter referred to as: SOR, was established on 17 February 2016. The objectives of the SOR have been laid down in the articles of association. The SOR has an ANBI recognition, which means that gifts and legacies are eligible for income tax deduction.

1. Maintaining an exhibition space and an education centre in the Breeplein Church in Rotterdam, to keep the memory of the refuge of three Jewish families in the organ attics of this church during the Second World War alive, and to obtain, collect and permanently exhibit objects, etc., that can support the achievement of these objectives.

2. The Foundation strives to achieve these objectives by legal means only, such as:
– levying entrance fees;
– raising funds;
– organizing activities and meetings;
– any other means that are desirable, useful or necessary to promote the goal;
– establishing and maintaining contacts and cooperating with third parties if and insofar as the Foundation can be useful.

3. The Foundation does not intend to make a profit.

4. The Foundation will not make a payment (s) to its founder (s) and / or to its director (s) and / or to any cooperating party (s) and / or to one or more members of a committee of the Foundation or have any interest in the Foundation.

1. The Board of the SOR is charged with the management of the Foundation.
2. There are at least three directors; otherwise, the Board determines the number of directors; if possible, an odd number.
The directors of the SOR do not receive any remuneration for their work. Expenses incurred in the context of exercising the management duties are reimbursed, if not excessive. The SOR does not have personnel in its employ.

The funds of the Foundation consist of:
– what is obtained under an inheritance, bequest or gift;
– contributions in cash of any kind;
– subsidies, interest and other income.

Donations, ANBI and Cultural ANBI status

The Orgelzolders foundation needs donations. There are various plans to enhance and bring forth the story of the people in hiding in the Breeplein Church, for young and old. Think of a virtual tour of the attics, a children’s book, or lesson notes for students. But our funds are not yet sufficient enough to all these ideas.  

On February 17, 2016, the Tax Authorities accredited our Foundation with the ANBI and cultural ANBI status. Your gifts are thus deductible for income tax, and due to the cultural ANBI status, eligible for extra deductibles.

You can also make periodic donations for a minimum of five years. You must have a deed to this effect attested by a notary or establish an agreement with the Foundation. There is no threshold for income nor a maximum deductible amount.

The Tax Authorities and at ANBI.nl sites will give you additional information.

Our foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam under the name Stichting Schuilplaats Orgelzolders Rotterdam.
RSIN (tax number) 8560.81.036
Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam 65362624

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016
Annual Reports 2017 and 2018
Annual Report 2019

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The Organ Attics Foundation Rotterdam works together with

Feyenoord BVO
Guild Rotterdam
Jewish Heritage Rotterdam
Reading room Vreewijk
Warehouse 24
Miniworld Rotterdam
Museum 40-45
Rotterdam City Archive