Welcome to the Organ Attics

One of the two atticks

A story of human courage, compassion, endurance and resilience

During the Second World War, the Breeplein Church in Rotterdam South harboured a secret: three Jewish families were in hiding in the two attics high on both sides of the organ. What began, in their mind, as a temporary shelter for six weeks became a refuge for three years. The story of the Breeplein Church is one of courage, hope and trust, a story full of wonders… the birth of a perfectly healthy baby, and, during a raid three weeks before the liberation, the fact that the families were not discovered.
Curious about the full story? Read the book The Organ Attics – People in hiding in the Breeplein Church in Rotterdam, written by Anja Matser.

Rotterdam, 24 August 2022

Guided tours in the autumn 
The guided tours of the Orgelzolders in the Breepleinkerk Rotterdam South will resume in September.
The tours will follow a fixed pattern. After the welcome, the guide will present the story of the three Jewish couples who, during the Second World War, were in hiding for more than a thousand days, high in the attics behind the organ of the Breeplein Church. The families of the sexton and the pastor took care of them, assisted by many others. Everyone involved survived the war.

Up the ladder
Accompanied by the assistant guides, the presentation will be followed by a walk through and around the church, including climbing the ladder to one of the attics (for those who can do this).

For school classes and groups of students
A few mornings will be reserved for school classes and groups of students.
The guide on duty will agree the timing of the tours with the teacher or the school principal.
Please book these tours via this link: https://orgelzolders.nl/en/guided-tours-for-educational-institutes/

For other interested individuals
In addition, the attics will be open to the public on the first Saturday of every month. Start tour 11.00 am.
A maximum of 30 people will be able to participate in each tour.
Please book these tours via this link: https://orgelzolders.nl/en/guided-tours-for-individuals/

For groups of more than ten people
Groups of more than ten people will also be welcome, except on the first saturday of the month. Guided tours for them will depend on the availability of (assistant) guides and the Breeplein Church.
Our coordinator will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you (e-mail: info@orgelzolders.nl).

Entrance fees
Primary schools pay 45 euros for 30 pupils and one or more supervisors.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or with a debit card at the entrance of the Breeplein Church.

Secondary and higher education schools  pay 75 euros for 30 students and a supervisor.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or with a debit card at the entrance of the Breeplein Church.

All other visitors pay 10 euros per person, with a debit card, at the entrance of the church. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash payments.

See you at the Organ Attics!