Welcome to the Organ Attics

One of the two atticks

A story of human courage, compassion, endurance and resilience

During the Second World War, the Breeplein Church in Rotterdam South harboured a secret: three Jewish families were in hiding in the two attics high on both sides of the organ. What began, in their mind, as a temporary shelter for six weeks became a refuge for three years. The story of the Breeplein Church is one of courage, hope and trust, a story full of wonders… the birth of a perfectly healthy baby, and, during a raid three weeks before the liberation, the fact that the families were not discovered.
Curious about the full story? Read the book The Organ Attics – People in hiding in the Breeplein Church in Rotterdam, written by Anja Matser.

Guided tours resumed

The Organ Attics is open again and the guided tours in the Breeplein Church are resumed! The threat posed by the pandemic over the past two years has virtually disappeared. “That’s why we dare to do it,” said the board of the Rotterdam Organ Attics Foundation.

The official start of the new season will take place on Liberation Day 5 May.

Fixed pattern

The tours will follow a fixed pattern. After the welcome, the guide will recount and present the story of the three Jewish couples who were in hiding for more than a thousand days during the Second World War, high in the Breeplein Church, in the attics behind the organ. The sexton’s and pastor’s families cared for them, assisted by many others. Everyone involved survived the war.

Up the ladder

Accompanied by the assistant guides, the story will be followed by a walk through the church, including climbing the ladder to one of the attics (not for people with mobility issues). Both the guide and the assistant guides can answer questions about the wonderful story of the Breeplein Church.

Summer break 2022 guided tours Organ Attics

As of Sunday 3 July 2022, the guided tours of the Organ Attics in the Breeplein Church will stop for the summer break. On the 2nd of July, a group of about twenty interested people heard the story of the seven Jewish people in hiding and marvelled at the courageous helpers who risked their own lives day and night for almost three years.

The tours will resume in early September. The exact dates will be announced via the website and Facebook. Primary schools and higher education institutions should expect an email with details.

The Executive Committee of the Organ Attics Foundation  Rotterdam wishes everyone a wonderful summer.