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The story recounted in the Organ Attics: three Jewish couples go into hiding for almost three years in the attics high on both sides of the organ of the protestant church in Breeplein, Rotterdam. The sexton, the Reverend and their families look after them. The youngest couple has a child. A Surinamese ophthalmologist acquired knowledge of gynaecology and, together with the Reverend’s wife and a lady from the resistance, helped bring the baby into the world.
Everyone survived the Second World War.
Who could dream up such an improbable story? Nobody. However, this is a true story.
Anja Matser (1961) is a theologist and knows the Breeplein Church well. The grim story of the refugees had her in its grip and she could not rest until she had researched it thoroughly and published a book.

De Orgelzolders. Onderduikers in de Rotterdamse Breepleinkerk (in Dutch)

Author: Anja Matser
128 pages
Publisher: Wist u dat … Uitgeverij Rotterdam
Price € 18,95 (excluding shipping costs)

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands, an abridged version of the book about the Jewish refugees in the Breeplein Church of Rotterdam has been translated into English.

The Organ Attics. People in hiding in the Rotterdam Breeplein Church

76 pages
Publisher: Stichting Schuilplaats Orgelzolders Rotterdam
Price € 10 (excluding shipping costs)

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