Nationale-Nederlanden donation towards the renovation costs for the Organ Attics floor

In December 2020, the Organ Attics Foundation received a donation of almost two thousand euros from Nationale-Nederlanden for the renovation of the floors of the Organ attics. The money was “won” through the company’s “We and Society” campaign, run by a separate foundation which encourages the company’s employees to become volunteers with social organizations. Every year, the volunteers can propose and present projects for funding; all employees are then invited to vote on the project that appeals most to them.

The webmaster of the Organ Attics site, Maarten van den Bos, scored a brilliant win with his presentation of the need to renovate and strengthen the floors so that all visitors can safely access and walk around the attics. Moreover, the electrical cabling and lights are rickety and therefore dangerous.
The foundation wants to use the donation from Nationale-Nederlanden to have two floors laid with scrap wood. In addition, the electrical cabling will be renewed. The work will be carried out by SDW-Rotterdam, an organization which, among other things, helps capable people who are unable to participate in the labour market.

Incidentally, this work can only be carried out when there is clarity about the future of the Organ Attics (see the home page of this website).